During the years I have been in high school, I was never the brightest of most intelligent student. So it was never easy for me, but the CIS Program has really helped me out a lot. If it wasn’t for CIS, I would probably still be a freshman.”
— La Vega High School Student

It means to me good and safe, but if I was not here I would think I was alone
— Provident heights elementary Student

It has made a huge impact on my high school career. Thanks to CIS, my grades have improved. Also, my behavior and attitude have gotten a lot better.
— La Vega High School Student

CIS is important to me because I can show my talent and skills without being judged.
— marling Middle School Student

I love CIS. I had a baby and CIS is what helped me get through high school. I couldn’t have done it on my own. It helped me emotionally and physically. I will forever be thankful.
— La Vega High School Student

I like to go...because it has a lot of activities for me to do. Computer lab is fun too. I don’t have a computer at home.
— Provident Heights Elementary Student

The CIS program has helped out a lot of students including me. I can always come in here and ask for help and I will get the help that I need.
— La Vega High School Student

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— Nicola, Colombia