Learn More about Learning Profiler

Designed to test students cognitive learning abilities, Learning Profiler is a resource for districts, schools, and individuals. By discovering a student's relative strengths and weaknesses, parents and teachers are able to cater to their students and ultimately help them achieve academic success. 

Learning Profiler is a quick, 30 minute cognitive test that provides reports and recommendations personalized to each student. Once registered, Learning Profiler provides an unlimited amount tests for each student in a district, school, or home. 



Easy Reports 

Each student receives a chart of results and a report outlining his or her relative learning strengths and weaknesses.


Identifies each student’s relative weaknesses and makes personalized recommendations for improvement. 


Research Based

The entire program, including the assessment and recommendations, is based on brain research. 


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To learn more about how Learning Profiler can work for your district or school, contact Communities In Schools of the Heart of Texas at learningprofiler@cis-hot.org, or call (254) 753-6002